Percentage Calculator

Use this percentage calculator for any calculation of this type. Depending on what you want to do, you should choose the appropriate form for it, just look at their titles. Just enter you numbers and press the "See It!" button to see the result. If you have some troubles using this, please read below...

Percentage Calculator

1. What is X% from Y

What is % of ? Answer:

2. What percentage is X from Y

is what percent of ? Answer: %

3. Percentage Increase/Decrease

increases to ? with: %

These calculator are very simple to use. Here is a brief instruction, if you have any difficulties:

1. To see what is X percent from a number, use form 1.
2. If you want to check what percentage is a number from another number, just use form 2.
3. To calculate a percentage increase or decrease between two numbers, use form 3.
Use the "Reset" button to start everything from the beginning and clear all of the forms.

After you choose your form, please enter the numbers and hit "See It!". Thats it! Please share this page if you like it, or put a link to it. Thanks in advance!

Percentage Growth Calculator

With this tool, you can track a percentage growth of an amount for up to 100 periods. For example if you would like to see the growth of 100 for 5 years at 12.5% rate, you could use the calculator to see the detailed information about the change of this sum after every period. This is really convenient for compounding calculations, like return on investment. Lets get back to the example. So we have $100 dollars and we want to put them in a deposit for five years. The deposit yields 12.5 yearly. To make this calculation, we have to enter this information into the appropriate fields, this way:

"Initial amount" => 100
"Interest rate / ROI in %:" => 12.5
"Number of years:" => 5

After all of the fields are completed, we need to press the "Calculate" button. The result will be displayed in a table like the following one:

Calculate Percentage Growth

You can read more about compounding here:

How to Use Percentages with MS Excel

In this simple and nice video, you can see some basic things about how to make percentage calculations with MS Excel . This is a step by step video tutorial, which will show you some percentage calculations techniques. Here are the basics, so you may already know this stuff here. However, in this case you can just refresh you knowledge...

Percentages in Excell

That's it, for more cool videos about percentages, you can visit and execute a search there...